Saturday, February 18, 2006

Richard Perle: Lessons of the Inadequate Iraq Intelligence - Bomb Iran Sooner Than Later

The steady drumbeat to a war with Iran has been building. In my opinion, military action is inevitable now, and an event I have been expecting ever since the 'Axis of Evil Speech' in 2002. Neo-con and PNAC member, Richard Pearle, who is in the business of profiteering from military conflict, made his comments to Reuters earlier this month. Speaking about what is known about Iran's Nuclear capability Perle, a former advisor on the US' Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee, said at a security conference in Munich:

"If you want to try to wait until the very last minute, you'd better be very confident of your intelligence because if you're not, you won't know when the last minute is, [.......] And so, ironically, one of the lessons of the inadequate intelligence of Iraq is you'd better be careful how long you choose to wait."

Read more in Robert Silvey's Blog: Rubicon.

View a short PNAC video exposé here.


At February 24, 2006 1:42 am, Blogger qrswave said...

what a prick.


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