Friday, September 15, 2006

How Soon We Forget

IAEA protests "erroneous" U.S. report on Iran

It's funny how people have such short memories. The real 'axis of evil' (US, UK + Israel), lied through their teeth, about the activities of, and the threat from, Iraq. The media repeated the lies unchallenged and we unleashed unholy hell in Iraq.

How can it be that the same people, now spouting their opinion that Iran is now a threat, despite their track record for unashamed, untruthfulness and complete disregard for the lives of innocent foreigners, are being taken seriously, as if there is not even the slightest possibility that we are being spun a yarn again.

To anyone with any knowledge of what the middle east looks like, (probably not your average Joe Six-Pack), it is obvious that the locations of the last 2 wars and this new prospective one, are classic strategic moves in a big chess game for US domination in the middle east. Anyone that has played the board game, Risk, cannot fail to notice the convenience of the way the War on Terror has played out:

What a stroke of luck! How the Gods are smiling on the real 'axis of evil'. That their enemies have become increasing threats in such a fashion as to allow them to 'liberate' 3 countries that are surrounded by allies and are a bridge between the Caspian Sea and the Indian Ocean, allowing a direct path for US military bases to be forged between the West and the East.

These despotic leaders are blessing in disguise!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

9/11 Was an Inside Job: Donna Marsh O'Connor Speaks Out

It's been a while since I've posted, but I had to link to this video.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

NO MORE - Salt Lake City Mayor Ross Anderson


Remarks of Salt Lake City Mayor Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson
Rally at City & County Building, April 29, 2006

MAYOR ROCKY ANDERSON We are gathered here today to say, “No more!”

No more killing.

No more expenditures of almost $6 billion per month on this tragic war.

No more denial of health care coverage for over 42 million Americans, when we are paying more for this outrageous war than what it would cost for universal health care throughout the US.

No more dependence on foreign oil, while we could become independent if we focused resources wasted in the Iraq war on clean, renewable sources of energy.

No more attacks on immigrants who work so hard to build better lives.

No more inaction by Congress on fixing our hypocritical and inconsistent immigration laws and policies.

No more complacency by our news media, much of which has served as little more than a bulletin board for false government propaganda.

No more raping and pillaging of our people by the outrageous profiteers in the oil industry, by the health care insurance industry, and by the billionaire buddies of Bush and Cheney like the crooks at Enron and Halliburton.

No more war in Iraq.

No more reliance on fiction rather than the science of global warming.

No more historic deficits forever demonstrating that our President and our Congress are total hypocrites and liars when they call themselves fiscal conservatives.

No more torture of human beings.

No more holding people in detention camps without charges – without lawyers – without any semblance of due process.

No more sending people off to be held and interrogated in countries where torture and brutality is expected to occur.

No more arrogant, blundering, incompetent leadership of our military.

Which means no more Donald Rumsfeld.

No more manipulation of our media.

No more arrogance and incompetence posing as leadership in the White House.

Which means no more Bush and Cheney!

And no more arrogance, incompetence, and timidity posing as leadership in the United States Congress.

No more illegal wiretapping without warrants.

No more complacency by the American people.

No more members of Congress who voted to turn into felons 12 million people our nation has encouraged to come here to work.

No more disastrous cuts in funding for those most in need in our cities.

No more destruction of American Indian urban health care centers.

No more cuts in Community Development Block Grant funding

No more cuts in Community Oriented Policing federal funding for our cities.

No more lies about a tie between Iraq and 9-11.

Which means no more Dick Cheney.

No more butchering of the English language.

Which means, of course, no more George Bush.

No more killing thousands of innocent people.

Which means no more of the Bush Administration.

And no more of those in Congress who have sat passively by while the slaughter continues.

No more killing.

No more maiming of men, women, and children, Iraqi and American.

No more apathy by the American people.

And no more refraining from saying “No more”!

We are gathered here today because we care deeply. We are gathered today because we can’t – and won’t – remain silent in the face of tragic dishonesty, tragic violations of international law and human rights, outrageous war mongering, and continually shifting excuses for beginning the war – a war that has resulted in the unnecessary deaths of probably more than 100,000 Iraqis and almost 2400 American members of the United States armed forces. Add to that tragedy the terrible injuries sustained by tens of thousands of people, and our nation’s conscience will forever be shocked and burdened.

We are not gathered because we are Democrats or Republicans or Greens or Independents or members of any other party.

We are not even because we are disgusted with the complacency, impotence, and timidity of so many so-called “leaders” in both of the major parties.

We are not gathered here because we seek to divide this nation. In fact, we seek to unify this great country behind principles of justice, compassion and an end to an outrageous, unnecessary war.

And we are not here because we are “nut cakes.”

There are those who have said, “Stand behind our Presid ent, right or wrong.” They say, “We are duty-bound to follow and support them.”

We are gathered here today to insist there are much higher authorities than George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld to whom we must listen for moral guidance.

Those who say we should blindly follow our governmental leaders are calling for no less than shameful individual moral abdication.

Never has so much evil been perpetuated than from following that call. A culture of blind obedience is a culture of immorality.

Nazi Germany was a society comprised of millions of people who did not question and who did not object. They followed. They followed blindly. They left it for their leaders to make the decisions – even the decisions as to what each individual would do, including the most inhumane treatment toward other people.

That culture of blind obedience was not one where most people asked themselves, “What should I do?”. The answers were already furnished by leaders bent on world domination – leaders who thought nothing of torturing, killing, and maiming millions of innocent men, women, and children.

People were not gathering together to say “No more.” Rather, they were calling out “Heil Hitler,” abdicating to political leaders the moral choices they each could have – and should have – made as individuals. In short, they forfeited the most important part of what makes each of us human.

We are gathered here to assert our moral autonomy – our moral power – our moral insistence that we will not be a part of the dishonesty, the brutality, and the hypocrisy behind the current war of aggression. And we will call out together for an end to the insanity – an end to the obscenity – known as the Iraq war.

At times like this, silence is complicity. Silence is an affirmation of the status quo. We will only see change when the people assert their own moral authority – and no longer leave it to the self -serving, shiftless, sycophantic servants of the corporate rapists and pillagers of our people, like Dick Cheney’s buddies at the sole-source-contracts-in-Iraq-profiteer Halliburton; like Exxon, the plunderer of almost every person in our nation; and like the pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies that have made certain the American people do not have affordable, universal health care coverage.

Rwanda was a culture of blind obedience. Tens of thousands of people heeded the call to slaughter their Tutsi and moderate Hutu neighbors, most of whom used machetes to hack men, women, and children to death. These were not people who asserted their personal moral authority. Instead, they betrayed their role as moral actors – as what most fundamentally makes a person a human being, by blindly following those who said, “Go kill the cockroach Tutsis.” As a result, 800,000 people were slaughtered, while our nation, while the United Nations, while the international community, which had been so hypocritically smug in insisting “Never again” since the Holocaust, turned a blind eye to the Rwandan genocide.

We are gathered here today to say no more will we stand by.

No more can any person asserting free agency stand by in good conscience.

No more will we abandon moral decision-making to so-called political authorities.

Let us each embrace our moral authority, let us each embrace our humanity, let us each embrace our responsibility – and insist in every way within our means: No more human and civil rights violations; no more hatred and inhumane treatment toward hard-working immigrants and their families; no more killing and maiming. No more Iraq war.

Taken from the original PDF file at:
HTML Version:

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ahmadinejad's Open Letter To President Bush

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dear Mr President (Pink)

I'd love it, if this got to number one.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

'Chip & Pin' us to the wall

A Government Whistleblower Reveals the Real Agenda Behind ID Cards

I started this post in January, but put it on a backburner. A disturbing email I received today has just revived it. The email contains new shocking and sinister revelations about the Government's proposed security measure. The sender apparently works in a UK government department and they provided a telephone number. I called the number and confirmed this person does work for the named office. I have as yet, been unable to speak to the sender, but will continue attempts to do so, and post any updates.

The impractical and unnecessary scheme, which has the potential for extreme abuse is being doggedly pushed through Parliament, despite being defeated numerous times, and receiving overwhelming critism from its opponents. The Government's persistance is worrying, seeing as the drawbacks far outweigh the proposed benefits.

On the Home Office website, they describe what type of data will be on the cards, and assurances are given regarding the threat to our privacy. However, they then contradict themselves on the very next page, when describing what needs to be finalised before the cards are made law. In a list of considerations comes: specifying the types of information that will be held in the National Identity Register and agreeing safeguards to protect the register. SO the type of data to be stored is, by no means finalised, and the data is by no means secure.

I did have quite a bit more to say on the issue, but this email, pretty much covers it all, and it is a shocking read:


You may have heard that legislation creating compulsory ID Cards passed a crucial stage in the House of Commons. You may feel that ID cards are not something to worry about, since we already have Photo ID for our Passport and Driving License and an ID Card will be no different to that. What you have not been told is the full scope of this proposed ID Card, and what it will mean to you personally.

The proposed ID Card will be different from any card you now hold. It will be connected to a database called the NIR, (National Identity Register), where all of your personal details will be stored. This will include the unique number that will be issued to you, your fingerprints, a scan of the back of your eye, and your photograph. Your name, address and date of birth will also obviously be stored there. There will be spaces on this database for your religion, residence status, and many other private and personal facts about you.

There is unlimited space for every other detail of your life on the NIR database, which can be expanded by the Government with or without further Acts of Parliament.

By itself, you might think that this register is harmless, but you would be wrong to come to this conclusion. This new card will be used to check your identity against your entry in the register in real time, whenever you present it to 'prove who you are'.

Every place that sells alcohol or cigarettes, every post office, every pharmacy, and every Bank will have an NIR Card Terminal, (very much like the Chip and Pin Readers that are everywhere now) into which your card can be 'swiped' to check your identity. Each time this happens, a record is made at the NIR of the time and place that the Card was presented. This means for example, that there will be a government record of every time you withdraw more than £99 at your bank - who now demand ID for these transactions. Every time you have to prove that you are over 18, your card will be swiped, and a record made at the NIR. Restaurants and off licenses will demand that your card is swiped so that each receipt shows that they sold alcohol to someone over 18, and that this was proved by the access to the NIR, indemnifying them from prosecution.

Private businesses are going to be given access to the NIR Database. If you want to apply for a job, you will have to present your card for a swipe. If you want to apply for a London Underground Oyster Card, or a supermarket loyalty card, or a driving license you will have to present your ID Card for a swipe. The same goes for getting a telephone line or a mobile phone or an internet account.

Oyster, DVLA, BT and Nectar (for example) all run very detailed databases of their own. They will be allowed access to the NIR, just as every other business will be. This means that each of these entities will be able to store your unique number in their database, and place all your travel, phone records, driving activities and detailed shopping habits under your unique NIR number.

These databases, which can easily fit on a storage device the size of your hand, will be sold to third parties either legally or illegally. It will then be possible for a non governmental entity to create a detailed dossier of all your activities. Certainly, the government will have clandestine access to all of them, meaning that they will have a complete record of all your movements, from how much and when you withdraw from your bank account to what medications you are taking, down to the level of what sort of bread you eat - all accessible via a single unique number in a central database.

This is quite a significant leap from a simple ID Card that shows your name and face.

Most people do not know that this is the true character and scope of the proposed ID Card. Whenever the details of how it will work are explained to them, they quickly change from being ambivalent towards it.

The Government is going to compel you to enter your details into the NIR and to carry this card. If you and your children want to obtain or renew your passports, you will be forced to have your fingerprints taken and your eyes scanned for the NIR, and an ID Card will be issued to you whether you want one or not. If you refuse to be fingerprinted and eye scanned, you will not be able to get a passport. Your ID Card will, just like your passport, not be your property. The Home Secretary will have the right to revoke or suspend your ID at any time, meaning that you will not be able to withdraw money from your Bank Account, for example, or do anything that requires you to present your government issued ID Card.

The arguments that have been put forwarded in favor of ID Cards can be easily disproved. ID Cards will not stop terrorists; every Spaniard has a compulsory ID Card as did the Madrid Bombers. ID Cards will not 'eliminate benefit fraud', which in any case, is small compared to the astronomical cost of this proposal, which will be measured in billions according to the LSE. This scheme exists solely to exert total surveillance and control over the ordinary free British Citizen, and it will line the pockets of the companies that will create the computer systems at the expense of your freedom, privacy and money.

If you did not know the full scope of the proposed ID Card Scheme before and you are as unsettled as I am at what it really means to you, to this country and its way of life, I urge you to email or photocopy this and give it to your friends and colleagues.

The Bill has proceeded to this stage due to the lack of accurate and complete information on this proposal being made public. Hand to hand, we can inform the entire nation if everyone who receives this passes it on.

Please make sure you do this.
[name removed]

It is so important that this is spread throughout the UK. Send this to everyone you know, by whatever means you can.
Any means necessary! Unless the word gets out this bill will be passed by stealth and before we know it, it will be too late. We will have missed Orwells' warnings.

After sending this to every UK citizen you can, visit these websites to see what else you can do.
No 2 ID Campaign
Liberty: Shami Chakrabarti
ID Cards | A Liberal Democrats Campaign
The Justice Not Vengence Campaign Against ID Cards
Stand: Defining Digital Freedoms in the UK

An initially, humorous look at the future

Those of you who visit my blog often, will know I have had this poll running on the issue, since the birth of Red Pill News. Please vote.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

No President Wants to go to War

For Once, Let's Give Him the Benefit of the Doubt

by Joaquín Ramón Herrera

"No president wants to go to war."

—George W. Bush, White House Occupant

One day we will realize that Bush was far more honest to the public than we gave him credit for. True, he is delusional and deadly, but when he speaks to you and tells you things like "we won't cut and run on my watch," he means it. He means that as long as you are afraid to impeach him, he will keep his war going. And no matter what happens to our troops, he will keep them in harm's way. That is just who the man is, and he tells you so.

When Bush says "I get up every day and think of how to protect America—every day" he means it. The first thoughts in this man's dawn-pure mind are not of sunrise, calm, or the simple, nameless thrill of gratitude for one more day alive. The first thoughts in this poor man's mind are those of death, bombs, spies, and lurkers. The lost soul is paranoid, terrorized, and exists in an utter state of negativity. He projects his inner chaos upon the world, and magnifies what is there by horrifying degrees. George W. Bush's vision for the future is one of fear, martial might, and unchecked Executive power. Sound familiar?

When Bush implies with his banners and speeches that the Mission is Accomplished, he means it. He has achieved what he set out to achieve. He walks with the pride of a man who has reached his goals. He wanted to stage a hostile takeover of the America Corporation Conglomerate, and he did. He wanted to steal the election, and he did. He wanted to Bomb Iraq before he ever wedged his Connecticut-Cowboy posterior into the throne, and he did. In fact, Mister Bush does whatever he wants. Just like the little, spoiled, rich boy that he always will be.

When Bush says that he has been spying on Americans, and that he intends to keep doing it, he means every word. Nothing he signs, nothing Congress says, and nothing you type into your little keyboard or fax to your Senator will change that. He intends to keep doing it, and he will.

When Bush tells you that he doesn't feel he has to answer to you, that he doesn't pay attention to the polls, or that he doesn't feel Congress' approval is necessary, he means it. He does not see himself as a "President." The man has no respect at all for the office of President. He has no Old Glory sewn into his soul, no shining Ideals behind his battallions. Despite his empty rhetoric. Those are just soundbites for the camera and the history books. Those words are advertising. To Bush, this game is just one more company to be milked, one more deal to be bilked, one more gambit to be run. His sunbeam rug holds more reverence in his heart than do the near-sacred walls and traditions of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

When Bush says that God told him to bring Freedom and War to the Middle East, he means every word. When he talks about the Bad Guys (I thought we stopped talking like this in grade school) and the Evil-doers, he is not using shorthand. He perceives in shorthand. And if we choose to ignore the language of Crusade, Cleansing, and Inquisition, we should not blame him for our trepidation. He is not afraid to confess to slightly deranged cognitive processes, why on Earth are we afraid to confront them?

Let's not misplace our anger. Let's not get riled when the man asserts that "no president wants to go to war." I think we can all agree on that! No president does. What harm is there in Bush saying what we all know to be true? Bush, who was never legally elected, is not our President. He is the self-authored sequel to the Nuremberg Trials. And he has always wanted to go to war. In fact, it is the only thing he wants to do. This is why his "Presidency" will see war after war after war, if we remain docile. Iraq will not be the end, nor will Iran. I promise you. This man needs war like a junkie needs a fix. In fact, war is George W. Bush's current drug of choice, to use the proper parlance. Why would he drink? He's moved on to murkier spirits.

Don't get me wrong: Bush lies. In fact, one could safely say that Bush is a lie, such is the screaming paradox between who he purports to be by design, and who he is by deed. As we all know, a man is judged on his deeds. The problem is not that Bush lies. The problem is that we let him get away with it. The Press, Congress, and far too many who have power accept what he does because either they, too, see through a lens of fear, or because their cake is sugared with Bush's shrapnel.

But again: let's not pin too much hostility on Mister Bush. He is usually telling us his truth. We are afraid to hear it for what it is. But at least he is gracious enough to swagger and preen, in recognition of his feat. I suppose it is the only form of gratitude this man is capable of communicating sincerely. At at least he doesn't hide his happiness.

And after all, you have to admit: You may not like war without end, spying on citizens, the negation of our most beloved ideals, or torture, but at least you know that George W. Bush stands for it.

Joaquín Ramón Herrera is an author and illustrator by trade, a rebel at heart, and a fugitive from the iron claw of ennui. You can delve deeper into his brand of hyperreality at, Lookingglass, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World, and Escaping the Frame.